2015-2016 Arctic Consult youth project “Enforcing rights of the indigenous peoples of the Russian North”

The project name: “Enforcing rights of the indigenous peoples of the North: via education towards augmented youth movement capacity and international Arctic youth school”

Project overall objective was to promote the process of democratization of the Russian society through education and socialization of young representatives of indigenous peoples of the Russian North, Siberia and the Far East, promote their integration in decision-making process at local and regional levels, and develop partnership and cultural relations with Saami people.

Project specific objectives:

  • To increase awareness of Russian indigenous young leaders of indigenous rights by means of specially developed educational program;
  • To promote practical application of the newly received knowledge into the practical activities of the decision making at local and regional levels;
  • To promote access to relevant information for indigenous peoples living in remote territories and creating the indigenous youth information network.
  • To create a new platform and venue of partnership between Russian IP youth and Saami youth representatives and institutions.

Project partners:

The educational component of the project included educational course, training program for representatives of indigenous youth on the following themes: leadership, PR, social partnership, conflict science, basis of political science and law, traditional economy and innovations, high education and access, international policy, indigenous rights and self-determination.

The Information component of the project included creation of the youth information network on the basis of existing regional indigenous peoples’ information centers as well as creation of Internet forum for indigenous youth.

The general idea of the project was increasing capacity of indigenous young leaders, promote civic and political indigenous rights among indigenous youth of Russian North and promote their links with Sami youth of Norway and Finland.


Источник: arcticconsult.org

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